Speak Asia Controversy

Speak Asia Controversy : SpeakAsia Online Controversy

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Speakasia Controversy

Speak Asia Controversy
Please allow me to place before you the story from the affected 20 lakhs panelists’ view point.
On 7th of September 2011 Speak Asia Online have Launched a Website and Claims its Speak Asia Exit Option from 9th of September they started to Mail and Sharing on their Blog that Exit Option Comes but the Truth is No Use Exit Option Can Help 

Experts on 14 September Says : Read Below -

Speak Asia Online Can Become Legal Company in India

What is AISPA - All India SpeakSia Panelist Association 

All India SpeakSia Panelist Association . " A " is Missing In ASIA ..
On That Day One More PIL was Entered in Court which is Said to be SPEAK ASIA PANELIST ASSOCIATION PIL but we have check that AISPA Means All India SpeakSIA Panelist Association
its Not SPEAKASIA Letter " A " is Missing . For Proof See the Picture Below and See the Red color Area.
Speak Sia Panelist Association Proof

* February/March 2010 Speakasiaonline Pte. Ltd. (SAOL) a company registered in Singapore starts its operation in India.Basically  Speak Asia registration in SingaporeWith Number of 200618809D

* Speak Asia Online Line  (SAOL) starts their operation as a Paid Surveys  Provider company, in its first or its launch phase, and its tag line was “We Value your Opinion”. As When People Joined and Answers the Surveys they get Paid .

* Because of the unique idea combined with aggressive field support from the company, SAOL grew at a phenomenon speed and in short time of less than a year SAOL panel size grew to a whopping 20 lakh panelists.

* The huge size of the SAOL family along with a pan India presence spread over every demographic
possible made it the biggest provider of survey panels on the international panel exchanges.

* All the panelists have always been paid promptly and regularly by the company till the
12th May, 2011, But on 11th May A news Channel Named "Star News" show a news Star News Exposes Speak Asia and and Some of the Politicians such as Kirit Somaya as Letter by Dr. Kirit Somaiya Against Speak Asia on 18 May 2011 .On 16th We ( SAOL ) arrange speak asia press conference  where all our Speak Asia Management Including Mr. Manoj Kumar CEO , Tarak Bajpai ( COO ) , Narayanan Rajagopalan , Mr. Vivek Gautam ( Chief Marketing Officer ) , Sanjeev Mehta ( Country Head Sales ) and Sanjeev Dwived. In This Press Conference Mr . Narayanan Rajagopalan Speak Asia  Explained About Paid Surveys and try to Understand the Speak Asia Business Model But after that the bank accounts were closed by the company bankers
M/s United Overseas Bank, Singapore, on 27th May, 2011 probably due to the cautionary circular
sent out by the RBI vide circular No. DBS.CO.PPD No.16237/11.01.005/2010-11 dated 23rd May, 2011.

* SAOL has been approaching the RBI and various other appropriate agencies to seek permission for
establishing their permanent establishment  and for restarting the operations and restarting the payments to their panelists (us).

* An Individual not connected to SAOL filed a criminal PIL in the Mumbai high court against the Government of Maharashtra, seeking directions to the police to set up a suitable mechanism to avoid any sort of internet fraud to safeguard gullible small time investors.

* The Hon. High Court presided by her ladyship Justice Ranjana Desai was pleased to instruct the EOW to file their affidavit on the mechanism in place to safeguard the investors. She had made some observations which were prime facie observations not in any way pointing to the SAOL.

* The EOW erred in their interpretation of the Hon. Ladyship and started investigating SAOL with a vengeance. The investigation arises out of a FIR filed by one Mr. Khosla, who has been a panelist of the company and has been regularly getting paid by the company till the bank accounts were closed in May, 2011.

* Some FIRs have been filed by few aggrieved panelists all over the country. It is not the case of any complainant that they have not received payments before the bank account was unfortunately closed down.

* SAOL is on record and are committed to restart the payments as soon as the banking channels are restored.

* This sudden stoppage of operations and stoppage of payments of SAOL has adversely affected us the 20 lakh Indians who are the panelists of the company.

All the 20 lakh Panelists had joined the business module to enhance their earnings and see a positive change in their living standards and until May 2011 have experienced the fruits of this association many of whom have experienced a total positive change in their life style.

* It has been almost three months since the monies have freezed up and still all the panelists (barring a few who have complained) are patiently waiting and support the company’s endeavor to get out of the problems and restart the operations.

* The present Association is formed, based and arising, out of support E mails received from all over the country.

* Speak Asia Association  has filed a Speak Asia PIL before the Hon. High Court at Mumbai. Which is now posted for 7th September, 2011, When the Government of Maharashtra is to file its reply.

* Some of the panelists have independently moved the Supreme court and are in the process of filing a PIL before the Hon. Supreme Court asking for ad interim relief and prayed that the monies which are seized by the authorities in India be brought under the custody of the Supreme court and under its supervision be distributed amongst the panelists.

* Important to note here that between Genx Bazaar GOA 9 - 11 May 2011organized one of the
biggest consumer gathering under the name and style of Gen X held in Baga, Goa.

* Gen X saw various reputed brands like, Provouge, Reebok, Gitanjali jewellery, American Tourister,
Samsonite, IFB Electronics, Flying Machine, TVC skyshop, and Skoda Automobiles to name a few,
display their wares for the Speakasians to purchase. A whopping over Rs. 4 to 5 crores were transacted in one day of shopping making it a record single day shopping record.

* The end of Gen X was to usher in the company’s ambitious second phase and the tag line now is “Consumer empowerment”

* The company has grown from being a survey based company and is now into as they call the 5th ‘P’ of marketing i.e. PRECISION MASS MARKETING.

* This second phase was to unleash a revolutionary phase where the company was planning to use this humongous size of its panelists and use their purchasing power to provide the panelists with international quality of products at prizes which were half of what these products are presently available at.

* We the Panelists feel that because of the unprecedented success of the company and its unveiling of its revolutionary new product based platform, has sent jitters in the trade in general and caught the envy of the company’s competitors.

* This unknown enemy of the company is presently orchestrating and unleashing a vicious and malicious negative campaign against the company.

* The Architect of the campaign against the company has unknowingly harmed the interest of 20 lakh Indians and has affected lakhs of marginal players whose kitchen fires were being run on the earnings they received from SAOL.

* The stoppage of the legitimate operations of SAOL has in fact violated the basic fundamental right of each individual “The right to livelihood”


At 6 September 2011 at 22:42, Blogger Ranjeet's Do How Information for all said...

Sir, everything is right what ever you said is 100% genuine we agree but,people who have taken hand loan and bought the e-zine subscription for the sake of earning there lively hood, so company should take care of all the legal aspects before doing such mistakes, why should people suffer for the mistakes done by the company, if company cannot support these families in the time of their needs such as roti, kapda now when are they going to provide it.......... whos mistake is it comman man's mistake or the so called MNC


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